We understand that most of our participants have never stood near a horse let alone ridden them.  We have compiled this list of Frequently Asked Questions to hopefully help give you the confidence and information needed to decide if our activities are right for you.

1 | What Should I Wear?

Long pants are recommended but not required. Closed toed shoes are required. Dress for the weather and please avoid wearing rain or wind gear that makes noise with movement. 

2 | Do I Need a Helmet?

Yes, and we provide adjustable helmets! Bike helmets and those not rated SEI certified ASTM Standards F 1163 Equestrian Helmet will not be approved. We also have helmets available for purchase.

3 | Do I Need Previous Horse Riding Experience?

No you do not. A lot of our guests are seeing horses up close for the first time!  If you have horse experience, please feel free to share that with our staff. If not, we have a safe beginner friendly horse for you!

4 | How Old Do Riders Need to Be?

Any age that can sit on a horse can ride for our pony rides. For our trails, riders must be 7 years of age or older AND of a maturity level to handle controlling a horse.  If you're unsure of your child's ability to control a horse we highly encourage starting with pony rides.

5 | What if I Have Medical Problems?

You must be physically able to ride and stay on a horse safely (in extreme cases it is staff decision). Let us know if you have any issues. We encourage you consult your physician if you have concerns before booking.

6 | Is There a Weight Limit?

We have horses of all shapes and sizes and we try to have several on duty to carry larger riders.  Please contact us with questions, and include your weight when booking to avoid any inconvenience.

7 | Will We Walk, Trot, and Canter?

Currently our operation is a walking only operation. We share these trails with the public and currently we are not set up to move at faster speeds.